Friday, 19 October 2012

Minecraft Book apk 1.8.8 Download

Minecraft Book 1.8.8
Minecraft Book 1.8.8 apk, Minecraft Publication is a should have for all minecraft followers. It gives fast access to
every ID as well as every recipe of the popular indie game ‘Minecraft’ by Notch/Mojang Minecraft Book 1.8.8 .apk,
along with of the mobile variation ‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’. Minecraft Publication is your first-choice app if you need
help, Minecraft Book 1.8.8 apk download.
Minecraft Book 1.8.8 Minecraft Book 1.8.8 [v1.8.8] APK Download
Minecraft Book 1.8.8
Minecraft Book 1.8.8 Features
- Information about each item/block
- Listing of all achievements, biomes, structures, mobs, potions
- ID list with search functionality, Minecraft Book 1.8.8 apk
- Server listing to inspect your favorite minecraft servers
- most up-to-date minecraft details and also news
-Redstone Circuits/Logic Gates
- English & German
Minecraft Book 1.8.8 Changes
-updated for Minecraft 12w40a – 12w42b
-corrected Minecraft stats not showing up
Download instructions for Minecraft Book v1.8.8 APK Android

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