Friday, 1 June 2012

Mosquito Repellent apk v1.9

 Mosquito Repellent apk v1.9 (1.9) download
Mosquito Repellent apk v1.9 
Requirement: 1.6 and up
Overview: Bug repellent and Anti Bug with HD sonic sounds in Mosquito Repellent apk v1.9.
Comprehensive bug repellent with sonic HD volume in  Mosquito Repellent apk 1.9.
Really low battery and system usage evaluating with other anti-bug applications.

5 different ultrasound, ultra noise, HD levels with Mosquito Repellent apk.
How Mosquito Repellent app Operates?
Machines (Anti-Bug or bug repellent with bug sound) that emit ultrasound sounds produce noises excessive-pitched that they’re undetected towards the human ear. This application provides that sound and do a number of things to repel bugs. First, the sound that mimic potential predators, which scare away bugs. A bug, for instance, might think a predatory dragonfly is nearby. Moths may believe a softball bat is swooping lower to give. This is a sonic sound (ultra sound).
What’s within this version of Mosquito Repellent apk:
-Continuous Bug fixes
-About section restored with increased info.
-Softer Sounds in Mosquito Repellent apk

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